Manaus-TIWA-T 2

Site T2 was designed to sample the fresh Manaus pollution plume during the GoAmazon 2014/5 experiment. This sampling site was placed at the TIWA hotel, Iranduba-AM (3° 8'21.12"S, 60° 7'53.40" W) ~ 10 km southeast of the downtown city, at the Negro River bank. The site was equipped with an instrumented container to monitor the physical and chemical properties of particles and gases on the outflow of pollution plume from the city.

T2 site at the Tiwa Hotel, on the Negro River western bank, 5-8km downwind of Manaus.

List of measurements

  • Carbon Monoxide dry air mole fraction, Los Gatos ICOS N2O/CO-23D (LGR)
  • Sulfur Dioxide dry air mole fraction, 43i SO2 Analyzer (Thermo)
  • Ozone dry air mole fraction, 49i Ozone Analyzer (Thermo)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide dry air mole fraction, CAPS NO2 Monitor (Aerodyne Research Inc.)
  • Concentration of Volatile (Organic) Compounds (VOCs), PTR-MS (IONICON)
  • Concentration of non-refractory aerosol particles, ACSM (Aerodyne Research Inc.)
  • Potential Aerosol Mass (PAM), Oxidation flow reactor (OFR)
  • Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter (CCN), (DMT)
  • Concentration of Particles, CPC and WCPC 3772, 3010 (TSi)
  • Concentration of Dust/Particulate Matter, (AirPhoton and Quartz filters)
  • Diameter of particles, SMPS 3082, 3081 (TSi)
  • Diameter of particles (dust monitor), OPC (Grimm)
  • Light Scattering Coefficient Nephelometer, A3000 (Ecotech)
  • Light Absorption Coefficient, MAAP 5012 (Thermo), AE33 (Magge)
  • Air Relative Humidity, U30 (Hobo)
  • Air Temperature, U30 (Hobo)
  • Air Pressure, U30 (Hobo)
  • Wind Vector, WS800-UMB (Lufft)


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