Manaus, Embrapa - ACONVEX - T0a

This experimental site was implemented near Manaus in 2011 and will run continuously during the next years applying a synergy of different instruments to help understanding the interactions and feedback mechanisms between humidity, convection, clouds and aerosols. It was implemented by the unfunded collaborative research project ACONVEX which stablished partnerships with the FAPESP AEROCLIMA thematic project, the FAPESP CHUVA thematic project, Amazonian the Dense GNSS Meteorological Network (Adams et al., Atmos. Sci. Let. 2011), and more recently from the .

The site is located up-wind from Manaus-AM, Brazil, inside the campus of Embrapa AmazĂ´nia Ocidental. Because of its location, this site is usually called ```Embrapa''', but in publications the term ACONVEX site is preferred. When referenced as part of GoAmazon2014/15, it is identified as T0e.

Instruments available, with installation date and project responsible, are listed below:

  • 24 Ghz micro rain radar (MRR), MPI-M, May 2012
  • Ceilometer, MPI-M, August 2012
  • Metstation PTUV + radiation THIES, AEROCLIMA, April 2012
  • Disdrometer THIES, AEROCLIMA, April2012
  • 24 Ghz micro rain radar (MRR), CHUVA, August-September2011
  • Davis met. Station, UEA-AM, July 2011
  • Trimble GNSS Receiver/Vaisla met. Station, DenseGNSS, July 2011
  • Multi filter shadow band radiometer (MFR) , AEROCLIMA, July2011
  • Cimel sun photometer (AERONET), AEROCLIMA, February2011
  • UV Raman Lidar, AEROCLIMA, July 2011