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Micael Cecchini

Works on the field of cloud physics. Has particular interest in convective clouds over the Amazon and how they affect the local, regional and global climate. Has experience working with observational and modelling experiments on cloud microphysics, with the aim of understanding the effects of aerosol particles on the formation and evolution of the clouds. Is also interested in the ice formation within clouds, with experience on theoretical and applied studies of hail.

Ben-hur Portella

Graduated in Physics by the Federal University of Pampa (Unipampa, Bagé-RS campus), he currently is pursuing a master's degree at the University of São Paulo, researching on the spatial and temporal distribution of cirrus clouds over the Amazon region. His interests are in applications of Physics for the understanding of climate and global climate changes, and intends to get a doctorate in the area of computational modeling of climate.

Marco Franco

Works on the interface of atmospheric mechanisms and physicochemical properties of atmospheric aerosols. Has interests in the mechanisms of secondary aerosol formation, aerosol aging processes, and radiative impacts of aerosols on the climate. Has a particular interest in the atmospheric processes that govern the dynamics of aerosols in the vertical profile of the lower Amazonian troposphere. Has experience in aerosol instrumentation and atmospheric data analysis.

Alex Araujo

Works with data-driven research on biosphere-atmosphere interactions for South American continent. He has experience on analyzing large volumes of atmospheric data from different sources using methods of statistical learning theory. Has particular interest in better understanting how vegetation responds regionally to both natural and anthropogenic drivers.

Bruno Meller

Works with aerosol chemical composition in the Amazon. Has particular interest in the chemical composition of nanoparticles, how they are formed over the pristine ambient of the Amazon atmosphere and how anthropic emissions disturbs the natural processes. Has experience working with mass spectrometry from instruments as ACSM-ToF and ACSM-Q and in factor analysis using algorithms such as PMF.

Andre Pugliesi

Works in the area of ​​atmospheric sciences with a focus on cloud microphysics and remote sensing of the atmosphere. The main research interests are remote cloud sensing; temporal evolution of microphysical and optical properties of clouds; climate of the Amazon region; study of radiometric properties of clouds from satellite data; the transition from warm convective clouds to deep convective ones; study of interactions between atmospheric aerosols and clouds.

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