Alexandre Lima Correia

Works on the physical interactions between clouds, atmospheric radiation and aerosols, and their impact on the climate. Has particular interest in convective systems in the Amazon Basin and their relevance to Earth’s energy budget and the water cycle. Has worked on measuring the radiance field reflected and emitted by cloud systems, deriving cloud microphysical properties from research aircraft and satellite instruments.

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Henrique de Melo Jorge Barbosa

Works on understanding the role of water vapor and clouds on the climate system and how it might be changed by anthropogenic influences. Has particular interest on large-scale water vapor transport and the importance of the Amazon forest for the moisture recycling and subtropical precipitation over South America. Worked with physical parameterizations in climate models, particularly radiation and convection, and the development of the Brazilian Earth System Model.

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Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto

Works with physics applied to environmental issues, with focus on global climate change, Amazonian environment, chemistry and physics of aerosol particles, and urban air pollution. Has particular interest in the Earth radiation budget, and how it is perturbed by aerosol particles, clouds and other effects. Also works with quantification of urban air pollution sources and long range transport of aerosol particles and its effects on ecosystems.

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