Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5) (2013-2018)

MegaCity Outflow in the Tropics: Manaus, Brazil

AMF and MAOS: Jan 2014 to Dec 2015 (Manacapuru, 24 months). AAF Operations: Feb/Mar 2014 and Sep/Oct 2014.

The deployment site, downwind of the city of Manaus, Brazil (3° 6' 47" S, 60° 1' 31" W) near Manacapuru, is situated so that it experiences the extremes of (i) a pristine atmosphere when the Manaus pollution plume meanders and (ii) heavy pollution and the interactions of that pollution with the natural environment when the plume regularly intersects the site. The city of Manaus uses high-sulfur oil as its primary source of electricity; the city is also an industrial zone of several million people and has high emissions of soot. Particle number and mass concentrations are 10 to 100 times greater in the pollution plume compared to the times when pristine conditions prevail. The deployment will enable the study of how aerosol and cloud life cycles, including cloud-aerosol-precipitation interactions, are influenced by pollutant outflow from a tropical megacity.

Research projects

In our Laboratory, the following research projects are supporting the GoAmazon experiment:

  1. GoAmazon: Interactions of the urban plume of Manaus with biogenic forest emissions in Amazonia.
    • Coordinator: Paulo Artaxo
    • Agency: FAPESP 2013/05015-0
  2. Brazil-USA Collaborative Research: Modifications by Anthropogenic Pollution of the Natural Atmospheric Chemistry and Particle Microphysics of the Tropical Rain Forest During the GoAmazon Intensive Operating Periods (IOPs)
    • Coordinator: Henrique Barbosa
    • Agency: FAPESP/DOE/FAPEAM 2013/50510-5
  3. GoAmazon2014 - A interação entre emissões atmosféricas urbanas de Manaus e as emissões naturais da Floresta Amazônica
    • Coordinator: Paulo Artaxo
    • Agency CNPq Universal, 2012

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