2019 Short Course on Lidar/Ceilometer

Short Course on Lidar/Ceilometer Applications, Operation and Data Processing

Universidade de São Paulo

14 June 2019


The purpose of this course is to give scientists and technicians a short intensive training on the theory and data analysis of lidar data, as well as on the installation, operation, and configuration of ceilometers.


  1. Prof. Dr. Henrique Barbosa
  2. Dr. Diego Gouveia

The course includes:

  1. Radiative Transfer
  2. Lidar Setup
  3. Lidar Equation
  4. Hardware & Software
  5. Data Analysis


Institute of Physics
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo – SP

To get there, see these instructions: Maps: (Physics is #27)


The two links for the Data Analysis material are RAR files that contain both the data and the matlab routines.