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Events: HYSPLIT Online Workshop

A 3 day HYSPLIT workshop will be given May 17 - 19, 2016 at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP) in College Park, Maryland. The workshop will be focused on the use of the model and its Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are a very limited number of GoToMeeting sessions available for this workshop, and one was given to the Physics Institute at the University of São Paulo.


The online session of the HYSPLIT WORKSHOP will be setup in room 4, Ed. Milênio. This is the same building where we have our groups has its laboratories. To get there, climb the stairs that start at the cafeteria, passing by the large auditorium, then the nuclear physics department at your left. At the end of the stairs, you will see a 2-store white building. This is the Ed. Milênio. Room 4 is the first on the right.


Centro de Computação, Sala de Vídeo conferência
(ATTENTION: new room!!)
Ed. Milênio, sala 4
Instituto de Física, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil
Rua do Matão, Travessa R, 187
05508-090 São Paulo – SP


The course will happen from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th of May. Everybody is expected to be in room 4 at 9h00 Brazilian time.


The first day of the workshop will be geared for those who have never installed or used the PC version of HYSPLIT. Participants will install the current version of PC HYSPLIT and a set of meteorological data to be used for examples. An overview of the model GUI, meteorological display programs, and an extensive hands-on training on how to solve atmospheric dispersion problems problems will be presented. In the subsequent days, several real world examples of increasing complexity will be explored.

The workshop will composed of theory, examples, and hands-on approaches, and the class will be made up of both experienced and new users. A background in meteorology will be helpful for understanding the theory, but is not required.

Computer and HYSPLIT installation

All participants should bring a laptop PC (or a Mac, however the tutorial is based on using a PC). We strongly recommend installing HYSPLIT prior to attending the workshop as you will need Administrator privileges on your laptop to install portions of the software. Failure to have these privileges will preclude you from running the model examples on your laptop during the workshop.

Everyone must download and install the model prior to attending the workshop. See the session below "Training materials (BRAZIL)"


We also ask that all of those who download the model using the link provided below to go to the following web page and register for HYSPLIT as this version of the model is the "registered" version and any updates in the future will require the user to be registered:

Training materials (NOAA)

For those that cannot attend the workshop in person or will be viewing the GoToMeeting, all the materials that will be used in the training are available online and are designed to be self-pacing with all the graphics and examples needed.

The 2016 training materials are available at:

We also have an extended tutorial that will not be covered during the workshop that is available at:

Training materials (BRAZIL)

We have a local copy of the 2016 training materials available at USP:

You can also download everything to your laptop: (1.9 Gb)

Contact at USP/Physics Institute

Henrique Barbosa
Cel: 11-98380-8001
Skype: hmjbarbosa

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